If you don't have Node.js installed you can install the hygen binary in standalone mode. Depending on your operating system, you have a few options.


You can install via Homebrew:

$ brew tap jondot/tap
$ brew install hygen

Linux, Windows, MacOS (Non-homebrew)

You can download a binary for your operating system on the Github releases page. Binaries are updated and pushed automatically with every new version.

After downloading the tarball, place it in your preferred operating system bin path.

Why Standalone?

There are a few reasons to want to run hygen as standalone:

  • You're not familiar with Node.js or don't want to have it installed.
  • You prefer a global binary to avoid installing the same binary over and over.
  • You're packing hygen into your own software, Docker image, or re-distributing it.
  • You're building tooling over hygen and need a maleable binary to execute.
  • The standalone package is a little bit faster (because it snapshots code). You want that extra speed.